ZA6 Grinding on first 3 joints

Having some concerning noises after powering on and jogging for the first time.Video Here

@McCormick_Van_Vleet - thanks for posting on the forum and I’m glad to see your robot is installed.

What version of the PathPilot robot software are you on? Some of the earlier versions had a bug where not all of the servo drive parameters were correctly verified/set on power up. Can you update to the latest (3.15) and let me know whether that noise persists? Updates can be done over the network if you have internet in your facility. You have to log into PathPilot hub (it will prompt you when starting the robot software) and then updates show up automatically.

Let me know if that doesn’t resolve the issue.

That did fix it, it was running 3.0.7 out of the box. I assumed it was mechanical from the noise. Both the mill and robot are installed and I just completed the Xometry test part and was able to learn to use the 1100mx very quickly.