Unable to execute movec() move

Hello All,

I haven’t been able to execute a movec() move yet. I’ve tried putting in the python script from the online manual but it just won’t execute it. There isn’t an example script so it’s most likely a case of me improperly putting in values.

I think it would be beneficial if there was a button that you could click and then input the size of the circlular path, the distance to target from j6, and the angle amount that would help determined what angle you want the path to follow (so that it’s not just a horizontal or vertical move).

Any help is definitely appreciated. Thanks!

The circular path is defined by 3 waypoints. The starting waypoint is the current pose, then an interim pose on the circular path, and the last one is the target waypoint you want to end up at. Let’s say you want to keep the tool pointed to the center of the circular path, you can do that by teaching 3 waypoints with the tool correctly rotated, the movec command will do a linear interpolate of the orientation in between.

movec(interim, target)

A center point circular move is currently not supported.

@Ari_M here’s a quick example program demonstrating movec():

from robot_command.rpl import *

set_units("mm", "deg")
middle = j[0.000, 17.945, 12.428, 0.000, 59.627, -0.000]
right = j[25.292, 30.234, 8.583, -37.144, 74.602, 43.036]
left = j[-25.257, 30.212, 8.723, 37.123, 74.460, -43.092]

def main():
    movec(middle, right,v=.2)

And the corresponding robot motion:

I agree that it’s not intuitive to program this way - I had to apply a tool frame with a big Z offset, then jog the machine in pure A or B axis rotations to find three points that lie on an arc. We’ll think about an easier way to do this.