Switch polarity on DC motor attachment

Students at Peru CSD are creating soft robotic grippers for the ZA6. We would like to control a small DC air pump (24 volt) through the robot control, but I’m scratching my head as to how I can wire it up. The pump will need to switch polarity to either push or suck air.

Here are the components I was thinking of using:

Any help or thoughts are appreciated!

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If it’s a matter of needing to be able to close one circuit or the other for forward/reverse, would it work to just use 24V relays controlled by the robot? Basically, replacing the buttons/switches in the diagram with relays?

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Why not use 2 motors? One that pulls one that pushes. Then you only have to activate one or the other.

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Good idea - I think I will try this as it seems simple. I believe I can just make a subroutine that won’t allow them both to be in at the same time.

What about something like this? In this setup you can use the hardware you identified and make sure that both directions aren’t called at the same time.