Step Up Converter 110 - 220 Voltage Transformer for ZA6 Robot power source


I don’t have 220V readily available in my garage and I was wondering if I could power the ZA6 with a transformer (from 110v outlet) using something like this:

Any suggestions? Is this possible? What is the current / power requirements I should look for when picking a transformer? Thanks

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The ZA6 should be powered from a 220v, 20a circuit and is supplied with a Nema 6-20 plug on it’s cord. Your exact amperage draw will vary based on payload and which axes are moving at any given time, at full speed/payload with all 6 axes moving you will draw 12-16 amps depending on the voltage supplied to the robot.

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@Fernando we sell a very similar model and have a pretty good write up on that product listing that covers typical usage. Ultimately to convert 110VAC to 220VAC to power the ZA6 you would need 3600W which means you would need to supply a much larger transformer with 32A @110V in order to get 16A @ 220VAC.

Don’t know if the same solution can apply in your case, but I didn’t have 220V in my garage either, and found it was quite expensive to have the service brought in from the other side of the home. However, not far from the Garage was a Laundry Room - and the Dryer uses 220V. A hole in the ceiling on both sides, and heavily insulated cable running from one end to the other, an understanding spouse who won’t take offense at not being able to run the dryer while I’m on the machine and problem solved!

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