Robot keeps jogging when not touching jog button

While holding a jog button, the robot will keep jogging in that direction when you let go of the button. This happens sporadically (1 out of 30 times), but its enough to warrant concern. The robot wont stop moving until E-stop button is engaged. The robot is currently using version 3.1.5. Has anyone come across this issue?

We have come across this problem in the past and added a few checks on the software side to prevent this from happening. However, it turned out that the problem in this case was I think a broken mouse or HID device. So you can, you maybe check if you still get the problem with a different mouse or keyboard?

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Switched to a brand new mouse/ keyboard and it seemed to solve the issue. The robot is setup in a dirty/dusty environment which may have created some sticky keys. I have a cover for the computer equipment when not in use from now on.

Great to hear! There are some waterproof mouse and keyboard accessories available from various vendors. Maybe that would work for your scenario?

Not clear if this applies, but my usb expansion hub that come with my lathe brix control computer often has a connection problem and will spool dozens of connection errors to the path pilot message tab. It will also causes i little freaky action with the axis control puck. I can fix it by pulling and resetting the usb connections. It also works best in one usb port and not in the others. I think that is noted in use manual. Just something to keep an eye on!