Probing for Welding

In the SprutCAM Welding training video (Welding operation in SprutCAM X Robot - YouTube) it talks about and shows a simulation of using a touch probe with the welding operation. It probes the surfaces and then calculates where to put the seam. I would really like to look into doing that as it would save a lot of time in programming exact torch coordinates.

My question is how is this done? which probe is used with a torch that would not be in the way of the torch? how is it mounted? I can not find any photos of anyone actually using a torch with a probe and would like some guidance/photos/information. In the video, it was all done in simulation and never actually showed what the set up looked like…

I dont think they have Sprutcam setup for use on the Tormach za6 robot arm yet. I asked a while back and Jacob mentioned they were working on it!

I did ask today about the new probing feature added to this version and if it is supported on Tormach mills and 24r router. Wanting to update to new version, but still kind of reluctant because i have 15 working so well… I just need to cowboy up I guess.

Have you seen any photos/video of using a probe with welding operation on any robot welder? It does not have to be the ZA6 to get an idea how to physically set up, what probe to use, positioning, etc. SprutCAM is working on ZA6 support so by the time we figure out the physical set up maybe they will be ready on the software side…

I only posted above comment because Tormach web page for Sprutcam states they only support Tormach machines! I dont know who supports a Kuka or other robot probing something using Sprutcam!