Pneumatic suction cup student skill building project

Just sharing a small student made project with the ZA6. Students in Peru CSD’s Robotics class used an Infrared sensor to control a conveyor belt wired to the robot.

The robot has a pneumatic Venturi style suction cup, which works great with these large Lego style blocks.

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@sorgule I love that gripper - can you share more information about it?

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This type of gripper is a Venturi suction cup -

At the bottom of the Venturi suction cup, there is a larger opening that is covered with a flexible, rubber-like material. When the suction cup is pressed against a surface and the air is evacuated from the inside of the cup, the pressure in the Venturi channel drops, creating a vacuum inside the cup.

The faster the air flows through the Venturi channel, the stronger the vacuum that is created inside the suction cup.

So far this has been a great end of arm tool for beginners trying to do pick and place operations as they dont have to line things up as precisely as one with gripping jaws. I did have to create a custom mounting plate for this to attach to the ZA6. If anyone would like it I’d be happy to share the files.