Payload Capacity of Parallel Jaw Gripper Kit

I was just looking at the Tormach Parallel Jaw Gripper kit for the ZA6 and it didn’t specify a payload. I was wondering if that gripper (assuming it has adequate grip on the target payload, and assuming the tool center point is kept as close to center as possible) is able to handle heavier objects (say 4-5kg)?

@bigtchopshop the parallel jaw gripper would be able to handle heavy objects assuming you can get enough contact area on the part you want to pick up and how rough/slippery the part is.

The specifications are shown after you click the little question mark icon in the machine builder:


  • Stroke - 0 in. to .394 in, (0mm-10mm)
  • Jaw adjustment range - (clamping on outside of part) :
    • Smallest outer diameter - 0.174 in. (4.4mm)
    • The largest outer diameter - 3.0315 in. 77mm
  • Jaw adjustment range (clamping on inside of part):
    • Smallest inner diameter - 1.338 in. (34mm)
    • Largest inner diameter - 4.213 in. (107mm)
  • Clamping force (at 90 PSI):
    • Inner clamping force - 66N
    • Outer clamping force - 42N

What’s in the box:

  • Two 2-jaw grippers with adjustable jaws
  • Mounting plate to attach grippers to ZA6 tool flange
  • Solenoids with mounting plate, M12 connectors to control the grippers
  • Assorted fasteners to mount the grippers to the tool flange, the solenoids to the robot electrical cabinet
  • Tools, screws, and barrel connector
  • 4mm pneumatic tubing