Jog Pendant with a Programmable Keypad

Using the built in hotkeys on the number pad you can select the joint to move followed by the direction. Example select 1 to move J1 then the + or - button to move it. Here I’ve used a small programmable keypad and a usb extension cord to make a jog pendant that utilizes these hotkeys. This allows the operator to jog the machine while away from the control panel.

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Cool! Where did you get the pendant?

Help me decide on this product: Cryfokt One Handed Programmable Mechanical Keyboard, 12 Keys RGB Programmable Macro Keyboard with Knob Plug and Play Multifunctional Mechanical Gaming Keypad Function Keypad for Windows(Black White)

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And a video clip I found that provided a quick reference: 12 key 2 knob macropad Ali Express or Amazon Set up - YouTube