Example program - probing points, creating a new user frame from the probed points, and saving values to a CSV file

I’ve been helping @bigtchopshop out with devising a better method to train the robot on the Multigrip FJ vise position. Doing this manually by jogging is possible but it’s a half-hour task. Trent has a touch probe attached to his gripper and will be probing the vise with the touch probe integrated as described in a different thread. I thought I’d work on the basics:

  1. Probing three points on a plane and using those values to create a new user frame using the calculate_work_offset_3() method.
  2. Saving the values returned by both the probed points and the new user frame to a CSV file to compare them (as a measure of repeatability)

A video of the routine is here:

The example code is on Github here:

If you download this code and run it on your robot, you will need a touch probe connected to input 1, and you will need to create a new user frame called “temp_offset” whose origin point is roughly 20mm above the surface you want to probe. As with any probing operation, be sure to test the probe input before pressing Cycle Start :).

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I let the routine run for a while, modifying it to only output the calculated user frame. Here’s the csv file:

probe_file.csv (5.1 KB)

Notice that the standard deviation for XYZ is pretty small - worst case was Z with 0.02mm, X and Y were even better.

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