Example program - execute a ROS joint trajectory stored as a CSV file

Early users of this forum may have seen some of @Ari_M 's interesting work using his ZA6 robot to hold a film camera (https://forums.tormach.com/t/preliminary-tests-with-film-video and https://forums.tormach.com/t/video-work-with-the-za6).

Some of the robot motions are created conversationally, but recently he’s been using Camerabotic’s Lensmaster software to create cinema robot trajectories, exporting them as CSV files, and playing them back on the ZA6. Here’s an example:

This example on Github shows how you can load and execute a joint trajectory stored in a CSV file: example_robot_programs/trpl_examples/execute_trajectory_stored_as_csv at main · tormach/example_robot_programs · GitHub