Error on 1100MX: ATC - Device, homing error

Got an error today on the mill. Everything was working until material got loose from the jaws of vise. Material was still held in place. It did not fly around and hit something. Hit the E stop. When I restarted the machine this error came up: ATC - Device, homing error.

Cold boot with breaker off. Still having the same issue. Any help is appreciated.

Hey @Tim_Wender!

Does your tray attempt to reference at all?

@SamBollen No. It didn’t moved at all. Once I reseated the connector from the board to the driver that outputs step and direction to the stepper driver, it starting working. Pretty sure the machine vibration unseated it, but it appeared plugged into the red control board though it wasn’t fully seated.

@Tim_Wender Good catch on this one. Keep us in the loop on this one!