ATC - Device, homing error

Haven’t used the ATC on my PCNC 1100 in well over a year or so. Tried to use it and it ceased working.

I’m working from the ATC tab, attempting to load tools. It’s currently empty of tools. Upon invoking any toolchange, load, etc., the carousel will rotate maybe 3 full rotations (each seems separate from the other), and yield an error “ATC - Device, Homing Error.” Air is up to pressure but it doesn’t travel at all, or seem to attempt it.

The manual does not have this error message in the troubleshooting documentation.

Similar topic here, but not real conclusive:

If I had to guess, something senses the location/position of the tool changer and it isn’t getting or relaying a reading.

Does anyone have any idea what the issue could be here? Or how to troubleshoot it? Thanks

This would really depend on which ATC you have. The legacy or the M style. For legacy troubleshooting, check out this page.

For M style troubleshooting, check out our troubleshooting video, here.

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