CSV file import, other quick buttons in Pathpilot

Tormach team,

Is there a possibility of having an import and export button for CSV files to convert to ROS and back like there is in other instances of PathPilot (from what I saw from a Tormach video from 2019)?

Also, I think it would be beneficial to have additional quick buttons such as:

movec() - labeled something like ‘orbit’ and you would put in the necesary parameters like target distance from j6, orbit size, and degree angle

movel - labeled something like “linear move” and you use this as a waypoint modifier when you select 2 waypoints to ensure they are moving in a linear line based on how the end effector is facing (such as a camera, probe, ect)


@Ari_M ,

If you have a CSV file (from Maya/Mimic?) that contains a robot trajectory, it can be executed using the load_trajectory() and execute_trajectory() commands.

Here’s an example that uses the attached CSV file
test.csv (18.6 KB)

from robot_command.rpl import *

set_units("mm", "deg")

def main():
    trajectory = load_trajectory('test.csv')

Keep in mind that for the above example to work, the csv file that you load must live in the same folder as the program. If you need the csv file to live elsewhere, you will want to use the full filepath when calling load_trajectory().

Example of the robot at Tormach running the above code:

@Ari_M if you have a hard time getting your code working just attach the CSV file and I’ll see if I can troubleshoot it. Any images from Maya you could post would be neat to see too!