Code for the 8L

So I run a Harrison lathe at work and just write my own programs instead of using conversational. However I started writing one on the 8L and was running into a problem with G71 canned cycle. Can some one help me with this so it’ll accept my programs and can someone send a reference on how to g code program the 8L?


Does your control at work use a single or double line G71/72?

This post may have what you need in it.

It’s a double line so for example:

G71 U.01 R.1
G71 P101 Q102 U.005 W.005 F.010

P is the sub routine address line so for the profile of the part

Click on the green G-code description title. It will take you to a post about canned cycle break downs in pathpilot

You could use About Tormach Virtual PathPilot to spin up an instance and simulate it.