CNC Milling / Sculpting with Robot?

Is there anyone using the ZA6 to sculpt foam like this: Female Bust Statue Carved Out on EPS Foam by 6 Axis Industrial Robotic Arm Plus 1 Rotating Axis Mill - YouTube.

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I always hoped for a Sprutcam to za6 setup! Leverage some of my Sprutcam skills for true sculpting :slight_smile:

So I guess that means SprutCAM X Robot does not support ZA6? I was wondering about that…

Hey there!
Jake here, I am the main SprutCAM guy at Tormach. In regards to the ZA6 and SprutCAM, support should be ready to go as we are down to the last revision on the post processor to add support for all digital outputs , 1-12. The post will work for all uses, grippers, milling, welding, etc. and the schema can be customized for each customers uses. If you have any specific questions for your use case, feel free to open a ticket with me here: and I’ll be happy to answer any questions.

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