Z axis servo motor only moving when referencing, Cant jog it or move it after referencing

Need some help here, as you can see after reference Z axis, Z axis will move up, reference, then move down ( as normally)… But I can’t not move it anymore, yet pathpilot shows Z position moving. I have already checked fuses, servo connection, moved the coupling manually, what is wrong? Any good advise??? XY axis moves perfectly

1100M servo upgraded machine

See video:


More on this issue. Checking the LED light i have a
Flickering Green LED

According to Clear path web support:

I would start with step 1 of the clearpath troubleshooting guide. The servo software is a free download and from that documentation, it seems a simple test will give you a lot of feedback as to what is going on. Given the servo is not in an error condition based on the green flickering LED, my assumption is one or more pins is not making proper contact on one end of the cable. You mentioned checking the servo connection but did you check the cable connection on the machine ECM end as well?


I see you already put in a ticket. One of our techs will reach out shortly on your ticket!

For anyone who may be reading this with a similar issue: Karlo diagnosed a bad pin on his Z axis servo, which caused a rare situation, where the motor itself never faulted. A replacement motor was needed. Thanks for the great work, Karlo.

For more troubleshooting knowledge you can always visit the Tormach Knowledge Base

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