xsTech Router

Does anyone know if you can add a probe to xsTech router? There is a video online of a person with a small probe and it seems to work. Is there code or a patch to add to pathpilot system?

@Michael_McClure Welcome to the Tormach Forums, and sorry for the late response.

We do not offer a probing option for the xsTech. I would reach out directly to whomever you saw with a probe option and ask some questions.


Could you post a link? I would be curious to see the info you have. I ordered one that fits and used it as a rudimentary edge finder by connecting it to power and watching the light go out.

Biggest issue I found is having clearance. You have to have a SMW fixture plate/low profile clamps if you want to use the major probing routines. Probably could get by with the included clamps for finding a corner. Limited utility with the small vise I had on it.

I have pulsed the tool setter with the probe routines. I believe if the wiring is correct it should work with PP but it’s not clear to me what the interface on the xsTech is expecting in terms of a signal/type of device and from what I read, one can’t tell if the tool setter is PNP or NPN without the schematic for the input side on the xsTech PCB…

Sorry, I gave up on this idea and sold my xs-Tech router. I bought a small mill to retrofit with Centroid. The router is not setup for a probe. Tormach told me they have no plans to setup a probe for the xs-Tech.