Xometry Test part on the Tormach 1100 MX?

Has anyone here ran the Xometry Test part on the Tormach 1100 MX? If so please reach out to me.

It’s been better than a year, but yes, I’ve done it.

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I’ve tried two times and failed two times on the 770mx

In what respect did you fail? Was the part rejecteed by Xometry or did you spot the problem yourself?

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Must have been something I did wrong but did not catch. I thought I had nailed it the second time. But, the CMM report showed more than 1 feature wrong. I figure I’ll re-attempt sometime in the future.

+/- 0.005" should be totally doable.

There are some good youtube videos talking about what to look out for when making the test part.

Do you remember what feeds, speeds, and what type of end mills you used? I am new to machining and I am just looking for a frame of reference for machining stainless steel 316. I am using solid carbide 4 flute end mills and it sounds horrible!

It failed on the 0.475 counter bore. My colleague isn’t good at measuring and he pressed on the calipers pretty hard. We sent it in and that feature came back as a fail. However I am aware that now most cutting edges on an end mill have a tolerance of -0.002". In short it’s a good idea to program that bore diameter two thousands bigger than it actually should be, especially considering it really measured at 0.473".

Hi Mike, Thanks for the response.

So its not a one and done application process then? You can make multiple attempts if you miss something silly?



Hi C_Dog,

Thanks for the response.

Good to know re the end mill tolerances.

I plan on trying in a month or too here in theUK one I have a bit more practice.



Best of luck mate! FYI you only get two tries under the same account.

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Did you manage to get the part accepted then?

Since I failed twice I have to wait a few months before I can try again.

Aahh, Scunner. Good Luck!

I failed twice. They provide the material for 2 attempts. If you want, you can make more test parts and send them in, provided you pay for the material. The test part is Stainless 316, but you can mill it out of delrin/acetal if you want. (you have to pay for the delrin)

I’ve learned a lot and have more experience now. I think I could pass it if I tried again. Maybe. Probably.

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I’ve found provencut.com to be most helpful. They haven’t added many new items, but there are a few stainless cuts there to get you going. Since breaking one bit is about the same as an annual subscription, I find it helpful.

Good luck

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programming a bore to eat almost half of your tolerance is something I would not personally do. run the bore twice and that will relieve tool pressure and give you a better chance of getting the size.

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