Wooden Spatula - Christmas Gifts for 2022

I made a bunch of spatulas for my family as a Christmas Gift. Milled on my Tormach PCNC1100 – it works well for precision on stuff like this! These are basic two-sided operations. I designed the shape in Blender and did the CAM with Vectric VCarve. I usually use Fusion 360 for my CAD and CAM, but Blender is much better and 3D modeling. I picked VCarve for the CAM because it can project engraving onto a model, whereas Fusion can’t do that. VCarve isn’t bad…I just don’t have as much control of how it does its operations.

First photo is one of the finished ones along with the stock piece (and a spoon I might cut out), maple.

The angle is perfect! My first one didn’t have enough angle, and I designed the piece to be cut out of 1.25" stock.

Next is oak, milled from naturally downed trees in the Santa Cruz mountains of California:

Engraving details, backfilled with epoxy.

Blender shot:

I might release the files and step-by-step directions at some point. Let me know if anyone is interested! Eventually I’ll get a video on it too. I’ll post back when I have more details.