Wood Spoon with Wood Inlay

Here’s something recent off my Tormach PCNC1100; a wood spoon with a wood inlay. Doing epoxy inlays are easy; getting it to cut right for wood took a lot of testing!

You can check out the video of me making it over: CNC Woodworking - Wood Spoon with Curved Wood Inlay - (Files Available) Making a CNC Project - YouTube

I also have the files available on my website, along with a set of directions.


Sweet detail!
I need to master this method!

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Nice video by the way. I like steady camera work and good detailed explanation of what is going on. So many you tube videos have none of this. Just bouncing camera footage and no detail of the actual work.

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Thanks! Yeah, I try to cut out a lot of the fluff, but keep all the details. I don’t need to watch someone make 10 cuts on a tablesaw at 1x speed!