What to do about gunk in the table

Hey all-

Our table is filled with Green Cut and water and I’m discovering this gunk floating about at the surface. I’m going to scoop it out, but I’m curious what the stuff is, if it’s a type of mold or something biological, I thought the Green Cut is supposed to prevent that. Also is there something else I can do to prevent it?

Thanks for any info!


This looks like the vaporized metal, along with any oil or grease from the material that was being cut.

Here is an FAQ about Green Cut https://www.lubecorp.com/wp-content/uploads/GreenCut-Plasma_Frequently-Asked-Questions-160229.pdf

Ah, thanks for the info Sam! I’ve been thinking to try to add some sort of circulator to the table; I was using a hand-held blender with our last table but it didn’t seem all that effective :upside_down_face:.

I’m curious what other folks are doing to prevent this gunk from forming.

We run sodium nitrite (food grade meat preservative) in our table at 7.5 grams per 5 gallons. Easy to see the bottom of the tank (transparent), haven’t had a bit of biological growth and no/low rust. Technically we can check the pH but we just keep adding more sodium nitrite when topping up the water and haven’t had any issues in 3 years. My guess is the scum in your table is oil/crap on the metal that you’re cutting.