Way to "assign" G55 offsets to G54?

Hi! I saved an offset in G55 for a specific setup I use a lot. I output my GCode to always use G54 (Vectric doesn’t have a lot of customization), so I usually do this: G55, G0X0Y0Z0, G54, zero out x/y/z. Instead, is there a way to assign the G55 offset to G54?

I know I could add in the G55 offset in my GCode…but I don’t want to forget to do it.


The fastest way is how your doing it. Or you can go to the offset page and change the numbers in the offset you want to match what is shown in the g55 saved offset.
Might be another way using g10 I just dont do much hand programing.

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Yeah, I figured it isn’t too bad a technique. I read up on G10; looks like I could write a G10 L1 to set the offset for G54, but the documentation is a little sparse. I might try to figure out how to get the G55 offset into Vectric.