Want to buy some new endmills

I’ve been working on a project for my students cutting PVC and I need a small diameter cutter for some text. The smallest cutter that cam with the XSTECH router is a ball end and doesn’t work very well. Where can I find small diameter end mills for shallow cutting in plastic? Either from Tormach or any other source?

@Roy_VanGemert some of this will depend on the desired geometry. If you are trying to engrave text then these V-groove engravers might work out for you. If you are looking for more of a flat end mill, I have had luck with Harvey and Shars for small diameter tooling.

For a less expensive option than Harvey Tools I’ve been happy with tiny endmills from eBay seller “drillman1” See OLIVER TOOL COMPANY | eBay Stores for his store or (5) 0.30mm (.0118") 2 FLUTE MICRO CARBIDE ENDMILLS Kyocera 1600.0118.045 | eBay for a typical listing.

I have had success with the endmills I got from Oliver as well. I got downcut endmills. I use them to engrave and cut out the black/white abs engraving plastic.