Virtual Controller only 3 hours now

Has anyone else noticed that the virtual controller only runs for 3 hours now? It used to be 6. I understand that 6 hours takes up a lot of server space but 3 is just too short. It really needs to be 4 or 5 hours. I’ve had it time out on me in the middle of programming and lost some work. I don’t want to start a support ticket just to tell them I’m unhappy but they certainly need to know.

Hi Eric,

Feedback is always appreciated, here is fine, we also have a form on our main website (Contact Tormach) that you could fill out as well.

Specifically on the Virtual PathPilot changes on, you are correct, we updated them to last 3 hours instead of 6 hours max. This was done in combination with a number of other changes (including increasing the raw processing power of the instances running the Virtual Controllers) that we hope have made those Virtual Controllers much more usable and less laggy (but of course, more processing power means most cost on the instances).

At the time we made this change, we did check our usage statistics, and found nearly all our Hub users were well under the 3 hour threshold, but seeing as you aren’t, would you mind sharing me your use case that took you up to the 3 hour limit?

Is it like a single conversational edit that just takes that long to get right?
Are you simming a long running g-code program?

While I can’t make any promises, understanding how folks are using Hub and getting that feedback can certainly lead towards an increase in the max runtime for the instances.

Thanks for responding. I definitely noticed that the lag is very much reduced from before so that is great. I figured that your user statistics contributed to the change. That makes sense.

I mostly use it to build and debug a program. Often it is a conversational edit session that can go a while but building the program can take a long time as well. I often have interruptions in my day that don’t allow me to block out all that time at once but other times it is the back and forth of running the program on the machine and coming back to tweak it that runs me to the time limit. The latter case has happened twice in the last 2 weeks. I don’t run long duration sims so that’s not my use.