VFD readout doesn't show anything, no display, no spindle

Was wondering if anyone could offer some help. My spindle stopped working, I went through all of the steps in the spindle trouble shooting guide, and got nothing. Then also noticed there is no readout on the VFD, nothing, completely black.

Check wires, etc. When trying to operate spindle from the software (Mach 3), I see the indicator LED on the PCB blink, but no spindle rotation.

Any ideas what this could be? Or what I should check next?
Sincere thanks,

Welcome to the forums, @Anthony_Amendolare!

I see you already have a ticket open with us, and are communicating with one of our techs. Norman will walk you through verifying that power is even getting to your VFD, when you command the spindle on.

Yes, I’m going to check to see if there is any voltage between wires 143 & 144,
and 142 & 100. Also checking fuse FU1.

Thanks for your help,

In case anyone comes across this same problem, you should check the spindle door switch. Inside that metal switch enclosure is a momentary switch that can go bad and cause all of the problems I experienced with the spindle and VFD.

Check spindle door switch and key lock out switch before moving onto the other sources of potential problems, such as the control board or the VFD.

Hope someone can find this helpful.