Vectric Aspire Post Processor?

Anyone using Vectric Aspire to create .nc files for the 1300PL Plasma CNC? What post processor do you use to add in the M200 and other unique codes that conversational adds to the .nc files when importing a .dxf?

@livinglightshows - I haven’t used Vectric but I did reach out to a fellow employee who used Cut 2D with our 1300PL plasma. Vectric provided him with a post processor and I’m sure they will do the same for you. While post processors are typically the responsibility of the CAM vendor, we do like to get them up on our website to make things easier on our customers. I’ll see if I can work with them to get something that we can host on

If you could create one for Vectric Aspire that is specific to the Plasma/1300PL (e.g., M200, etc.) it would be great so I don’t have to use separate CAM programs for my CNC routers and the plasma. Thanks.

@livinglightshows I received an update from Vectric earlier this month - here’s the latest post processor.
Tormach_Plasma 5.9.22.pp (3.5 KB)

It will be posted here shortly: Tormach Post Processor Downloads

Please let me know how it works for you.

@Rogge I will give it a shot. I gave up on the last one because it kept throwing errors.