Using the lath to thread gun barrel

I am gunsmith and have been using a 1440 cnc lath for many years. Is the 15 able to chuck and turn tappered gun barrels?

@Thomas_Hanson the 5L has a 5C native spindle and D1-4 mount for a chuck. The machine ships with the 5C insert installed which limits the through bore to just over 1". If you pop that insert out then you get 1.53" of through bore. Since you are machining a barrel that is already started then you would likely need to source a 4-jaw chuck with machinable soft jaws to hold your part. Our 4-jaw chuck doesn’t have a soft jaw option but our 3-jaw chuck does.

I have been doing barrel threadinf with the True Bore Alignment system and a 6" 6 Jaw Bison.

It is tight but definitely doable.