Using Involute Gear Cutters on a 1100 Series 3

I looking at using an involute gear cutter on my 1100 series 3 with the microarc. However, I am not sure what TTS arbor to hold the gear cutter. Most gear cutters have a 22mm keyed center hole. This does not seem to match up with the TTS line.

Any thoughts on this?


There are FMB22 arbours on eBay (see for one example NEW 3/4 FMB22 1.38 FACE MILL TOOL HOLDER ARBOR USA SELL | eBay) that might work. The key may not be necessary since a gear cutter doesn’t usually require a lot of torque.

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Can’t make them for that price. But if push comes to shove, I make mine. I’ve made ER20 and solid holders for my drills. make the blanks on the lathe then drill, bore, then ream in the mill with the tools in a tooling block held in the vise. Very true to the spindle. ER’s are made on Hardinge GS200. Nuts are purchased and runout has never been more that .0003. I imagine that is plenty close enough for gear cutter.

Thanks for the reply. After looking at options, I am getting a 7/8" center hole gear cutter and a SS shank milling arbor (7/8") to 3/4" shaft from I will use a 3/4" ER32 collet to hold the milling arbor. A little cost, but it should be a solid setup.

Bill, thanks for the reply. As you will see in my reply to Ken, I came up with an approach which should work. Hopefully next week I will put it to the test.