US to UK shipping out of control

I know it’s not a tormach problem but I am at my wits end. The postage from the US to the UK is ridiculously overpriced possibly even extortionate. I’m trying to order the 4th axis driver and the shipping and handling is $147. That’s not overnight just regular expedited (the only option on the order page). The 4th axis driver is the size of a book and 1.5 pounds. Has anyone else encountered this overpriced shipping and what can be done to solve it. I can’t imagine how much to ship a mill table or something really heavy.

Hi @Dr_Harold_Jones,

I’m sorry to hear you’re getting a high estimate on the website. Often our team can get a better price than UPS online estimates give us, so if you’re seeing a high price like that, just let us know.

The best way to do this is to request a quote from our website, and in the comments section at checkout just ask our team to review the shipping costs.

If you have already placed a quote or order, you can contact our team here: Contact Tormach - please be sure to include the order/quote number.

Best regards,