Upgrading 770M with higher HP spindle

Is there any way to upgrade the spindle motor with something around 3-5 HP for a 770M? Also, if such a new motor had an encoder built in, would this be able to be used in pathpilot?

Anything is possible. My mill is not a Tormach but I Replaced my 1kw spindle motor with a 2.2 kw servo. There was an option to purchase a 3.8 kw servo. These have encoders.

The only issue I can see is the footprint of the motor. I wonder if anyone has already done this before specifically on the 770m.

You can see that I had to put plates on the side and extend the motor back for belt clearance. Luckily you have a mill to make the things you need.

If I apply the same logic that I do to my performance vehicle upgrades…if I want to increase the horsepower to double (or beyond) and have the same use of that additional horsepower, I must also consider the engineering efforts and cost of increased cooling capacity, brakes, suspension and other factors. Maybe it “works” without the other upgrades but have I thought of the consequences of not doing those and am I willing to deal with the consequences?

I would think that you would find a consensus among engineers capable of designing a “correct” solution to your problem who would say that it could be done but with all the other considerations that would have to be made, the question is if your time and money are justified/recouped for the effort…

I appreciate the desire to give advice, but I’m just going to put this out there… I’m a mechanical and electrical engineer. I build 2000+ HP engines, and run an entire manufacturing plant. I would say I know a thing or two about engineering or at least the thousands of customers between my business and career say so.

Now to REALLY specify my question for everyone so there’s no confusion:
Has anyone put a motor of higher horsepower than is currently on the 770m? I mean that very literally. Yes or no are the two responses I expect firstly. And if so, does anybody know a compatible c-mount motor? I’m not asking if an engineer, or anyone else for that matter would feel any kinds of ways about an increase in power. Especially considering any upgrade of sorts would be increasing the horsepower extremely limitedly. It’s not like I’m seeking to install a 20hp spindle motor.

WOW. Here I thought this was an open community of Tormach enthusiasts. A place we can share openly our experience with a common product. Come to find out we are just a bunch of plebeians here to answer specific questions for desk jockeys we don’t even work for.

I asked a very specific question. I ended up getting responses about whether or not I SHOULD do something. In reality I was given lectures from people with lesser qualifications. I would not normally try to push authority, but the notion that someone is going to lecture me WITHOUT knowledge of their own by using a made up anecdotal situation with made up “engineers” as their source of authority on the matter, is ridiculous. Call me whatever you’d like, but I don’t assert faults with others’ thoughts without knowing anything on the topic beyond some baseless assumptions. I trust data, not hypothetical maybe’s. If you could give me hard evidence with either calculations or an example of the concept failing when done, I’d take that information.

You want an open discussion? Answer the question I asked, or don’t bother. This place is worse than car forums. I’ll be certain that this is my last interaction on here.

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