Upgrade to pp2 from Mach 3

Hello, I have purchased the db interface kit to upgrade to path pilot from Mach 3. Has anyone done this before? Can I purchase a new updated computer and install path pilot there and then connect to my computer?
Been searching the web for results but no avail

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The purpose of the DB interface kit, is to reuse your existing computer. You would use that kit, plus the PathPilot USB, 38249 - PathPilot Software Bootable USB Drive - Recovery Media, to install PathPilot.

50848 - PathPilot Controller for 15L Lathe and PCNC Mills This would be the replacement controller we also sell, that could be used with your machine. This comes with PathPilot preloaded.

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Thank you for the explanation of the DB interface kit, but I am still at a loss on how to upgrade from mach 3 to pathpilot.


@Louis_Garcia These instructions come with the USB drive that Sam referenced. This is the procedure for erasing Mach from your computer and installing PathPilot.

It just shows Upgrading to path pilot
The pdf does not specify anything about erasing mach 3, just path pilot
I have a 7i92 card and a flash drive which will give me path pilot if i follow the steps. There is a step that I still don’t understand. Please provide help and changes them.

  1. Connect the Mesa card to a power outlet
  2. Connect the usb to ethernet connector to the usb plug in on the PC desktop
  3. Connect one end of the ethernet cable to the usb to ethernet connector that is connected to the PC desktop
  4. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the mesa card 7i92
  5. Here is my issue!!! There is a what i believe is a db25 plug in port on the mesa card 7i92. Do I switch and plug in the db 25 cable that was connected to the PC Desktop and plug into this Mesa Card?
    Also, How will I know that this Mesa Card is functioning on my computer?
    Does it only work once path pilot is updated?

Thank you Tormach team,

Louis Garcia