Tweeking in the Pitch Dia Offset of a threadmill in PathPilot

Hi all, another pretty basic question here, please. I’m using a threadmill that I’ve never used before to thread a hole in a part, and I started by just using NYCCNC’s nice Excel calculator to define the Pitch Dia Offset to use in PP. It turned out to be pretty conservative (that is, the threaded hole isn’t quite large enough yet) and so I need to tweek the PDO up a bit and sneak up on the truly optimal PDO and thread fit. Can you guys comment on the truly best/most-efficient way to go about this? I know I can ‘simply’ go back into F360 and take the PDO value up a bit, re-post the CAM file, and run the program again…but I have to figure there’s some far better way to go about this optimization process. (unfortunately I know very little about how to ‘go into’ the g-code real-time and all that, I need to learn more there…) Any thoughts on this would be really appreciated–Charley in CO

–By the way, I think I’m remembering how I did this same process pretty nicely some time ago with a different thread mill; I believe I made a simple test piece with the correct ‘tap drill’ bore in it, and then used PP “Conversational” to nail the optimal “Depth of Cut” (= “PDO”) value, that I was then able to confidently use thereafter for that thread mill down in a full posted-out program, etc. That was a really quick easy way to do it as I’m now recalling, as you can just keep bumping up the Depth of Cut value by a thou or two and check the thread fit each time, until you’ve really nailed it. That said, I would still like to know how you’d go about this within a program, if that even makes sense to do. Thanks–