TTS Holder wont come out of R8 collet?

I bought a PCNC770 2nd hand, only issue I have seen with it so far is I can never get the TTS holder out of the R8 collet in the spindle.

I have seen articles detailing how to prevent it coming out but not many detailing what to do if you can’t get it out. One I read suggested using a deadblow and tapping on the drawbar rod and around the spinde to loosen the tts holder. I have been doing this but the TTS holder gets struck every single time no matter how tight the drawbar is.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue and what might be causing it?

The collet in the spindle is a wearable item and should be replaced annually. I would try putting a new one in and see how your system works.

I was having a similar issue where the collet wasn’t opening up all the way to take a tool and a close examination revealed a haggered collet.

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I’ll give that a try, I had thought about replacing it in the past but I forgot why. The fact that it is wearable is probably mentioned somewhere in the manual. Thanks.