Trouble with a G73 dwell error in PathPilot

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I’ve been banging my head against this for nearly a week. Isn’t P (dwell) part of G73?
Could someone give me a hint as to why PathPilot doesn’t like the dwell code in this line?:

N24 G73 X1.6977 Y-0.8115 Z-0.8156 R0.1 QO.0925 P0. F15.4853

I’ve tried changing P to 1, 1. and 4.2 without luck.
When I load my file in PathPilot, the screen instantly switches to the status screen with this message:

G-Code error: P word with no G2 G3 G4 G10 G5 G5.2 G38.X G54.1 G64 G76 G82 G86 G88 G89 or M50 M51 M52 M53 M62 M63 M64 M65 M66 M98

I noticed G73 isn’t listed. Shouldn’t it be?

BobCAD gave me 4 different post processor files to try, and they are each a different color dumpster fire.
I changed this to a chip clearing peck G83, but BobCAD still adds the P word. At least PathPilot just warns about it, ignores it, and runs the program.

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HIGH SPEED PECK DRILL (G73) Take a look at this page, as G73 doesn’t utilize a P value.

You can also reference this page G Codes

OK. Thanks Sam. I really thought I saw somewhere that P was an option for fast peck.
This is a post processor issue then. BobCAD keeps putting P words in on G73.
It does work when I remove the P word.
So if I wanted peck AND dwell it should be a G83. I just need to sort out how to make BobCAD choose G83 instead of using G73 with P.

G82 and G84 have P. Oddly enough I don’t recall ever seeing G73 in milling/drilling. I thought it was a turning G-code. A repeated cycle IIRC. Used for roughing a profile the P and Q are the repeat lines. this is followed by a G70 as a finish cut. which refers to the P and Q of the G73. LOL…Then again, Its been more than 10 min since I’ve programmed like that. Interesting though. I’m gonna have to look into it.

Thanks all. I forgot to come back and report on this.
The solution was to understand and edit my post processor. Mine had a P value in G73 for some reason (and a couple other ‘issues’ if I remember right) . Once I removed the P, the problem went away. At least, that’s how I remember it. I’ll correct this if I find different.