Tormach vs Teknic Clearpath on Simple Warranty Issue (tl;dr; Customer Loses)

Originally we had a problem with the x axis on the tormach 1300PL Plasma Table, it would vigorously shake back and forth like a feedback loop. We contacted Tormach about the issue on August 19th 2022 they requested videos of the issue. Then started to walk us through using the scope feature on clearpath msp software.

September 9th 2022 through diagnostic tools within the software we had determined that the stepper motor was skipping steps and needed a replacement motor. We brought up the teknic stepper motor that was still under warranty from teknic and would like to pursue that for replacement. They informed us that we could try to go through teknic but since the 1300 PL machine is out of the tormach warranty they can’t help. We contacted Teknic over the phone and they said No problem, they just need a RMA Since Tormach originally bought the motor.

Tormach Responded

" We are certainly happy to help, but we aren’t a little confused why Teknic needs an RMA from us. We are not asking for a return or providing the replacement motor. The RMA should be coming from Teknic."

Then we respond with

"A RMA is “Return merchandise authorization” we just need it for authorization for the replacement because tormach original purchase it, it’s still under warranty by teknic"

Tormach Responded "Correct, we often do RMA’s.
If Teknic is saying they will give the motor to us, to then give to you, they need to give us an RMA. Then we would need to provide the bad motor. We would not be covering any shipping costs in this transfer.
RMA’s are always sent by the one covering the warranty… We are not supplying this motor, even though Teknic covers the motor for 2 years, we do not.
Us sending an RMA, would assume we are covering this, which we are not. "

Then we Responded “It’s still under warranty I don’t see the problem, Unless Tormach Dishonors the parts brands Warranties that they use. I don’t understand how you would have cover The replacement cost if it’s under warranty”

Tormach Responded “We only cover one year. The second year, would be covered by the vendor, if they choose to honor it. This can be escalated if you would like, but we in tech, simply do not cover motors past 1 year from delivery.”

Which never got resolved, we ended up buying a new motor straight from technic. Now we’re having problems with another motor and we cannot communicate with the motor. we called teknic to see if it could be sending it back in for repairs they claim to need an RMA for tormach because it was originally bought by Tormach, So we reached out to Tormach once again and they said they cannot supply an RMA for teknic repairs even if we pay for the repairs and Recommended a new motor.

This was an exchange between my shop helper and Tormach and Tecnik. Tecnic didn’t need an RMA from Tormach they just wanted them to ok the ownership transfer.

The problem, as I understand it, is the Warranty as far as Tecnic is concerned is with Tormach and not the end user (us). And thus Tecnic will only talk to Tormach about replacing a motor they purchased. We were asking Tormach to approve the transfer of ownership from them to us so Tecnik would honor the remaining 2 year or OEM warranty.

Hi Brian,

The warranty from Tormach covers the motors for one year from the date of purchase. The warranty that you are referring to is the Teknic warranty to Tormach.

This warranty is issued to all buyers from the date of purchase. In our application, these parts have a long travel to get to their end destination, be assembled and shipped back in assembled machines. This can exceed the warranty timeframe from Teknic.

In Summary, here are just a few reasons we don’t pursue this:

  1. Transferring ownership of a motor would be complicated to track and not all customers would qualify based on time elapsed.

  2. Billing; If Tormach were to attempt to leverage a current Teknic warranty after the 1 year, the motor would not be sent directly to the customer after repair as Technic protocol prohibits interaction with warranty before, during and after the repair with anyone but the buyer, further complicating the replacement and cost associated with the repair / shipping costs.

  3. Some customers would, and some would not qualify for the repair based on when they purchased the machine, so there is no “Fair” solution that works for all buyers or warranties.

  4. Tormach warranties all product for one year, regardless of if the factory warranty is less than 1 year. This is the policy, and we honor it.

Here at Tormach, we try to be fair to our customers, and this is the policy supporting the best balance to maintain a fair warranty program that is fair and equal for all customers.



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