Tormach ETS setup issues

Recently I purchased a lightly-used Tormach ETS. Plugging the ETS into the 5-pin DIN port on my PCNC 1100 S3, I’m getting an error when trying to run the initial setup (set tool 0 and touch off the spindle nose against the probe). The error says that the probe is already activated.

For context, the accessory indicator in PathPilot is “on” when the ETS is first plugged in, and goes “off” if I depress it slightly. Is this expected behaviour?

(BTW, I have a Hallmark ITTP that I use with the same DIN input. I believe the ITTP is active normally-closed. And I also have read that the Tormach ETS is active normally-open. That alone means that they can’t share the same DIN input, no?)

Any help would be much appreciated.


Sounds like an issue with an active probe and passive tool setter. I think there is a way to use both but until someone that knows that system chimes in you can unplug the probe and setup your tool setter and tool lengths. Then swap the plugs for probing. Just don’t forget to plug in the probe before probing or (snap).

1100 S3 Operator Manual 8.3.9 shows there is an option to pick/switch the type depending on active/passive NO/NC

The test process is to manually trigger and it lights up green in PP upon trigger when configured correctly and it is wired as expected.

There is a company that makes a box to have two connected to a single port.

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Here’s the specific ETS I have. There’s a serial number on it but no actual part number

Does it have an LED opposite the cable (potential indicator it is active)?

Does your Hallmark have an LED? Use more than two wires? If the Hallmark is only two wires and no LED, most likely it is a passive NC like the Tormach passive probe I have for my 440. If the ETS is active NO probe then you have an explanation for the reverse behavior. Did you check the setting in PP for probe type?

Been digging into this further for my mill.

Schematics for the machine should be in the operator manual. Passive probe manual is also online and notes it is NC and uses pins 4 & 5 which are the common and input pins.

Active seems to use those two pins but also requires the 12V pin and NO configuration.

I use the tormach passive probe and a Emi active tool setter. It is a skip signal tool setter. I had to rewire the pins quite a bit. I could have a look at the pin configuration if it applies to your type of setup. I recall Having to connect 2 wires to one pin to get the signal to trip the tormach. When I was talking with them they were very concerned about the signal voltages so if yours isn’t a 24v be very careful.

A passive, normally closed probe like the ITTP can be daisy chained with a passive, normally closed ETS, but combining a passive probe with an active ETS, like the Tormach one, on the same accessory port is always going to be a problem and you’ll need some additional, active circuitry to sort it out for you.

The receiver part of my wireless probe kit has exactly this function built in. You can get the receiver on its own and use both the devices you have as wired probe and ETS, or you can go the whole hog and convert the ITTP to wireless. Either way, both devices will be plugged in all the time and both will work as you’d expect.

Details at Wireless CNC probe kit – XoomSpeed

Hey David
I have Cliff’s probe and couldn’t be happier with it.
I have really considered your wireless option
I guess the only thing holding me back is that its printed plastic that snaps on
have you considered and AL body that secures to the ITTP?

or is this just completely unnecessary.

Hi Ed,

I only 3d printed 2 prototypes while the wireless kits were being developed. Since then, they’ve all been machined from delrin. I actually made a video showing how to use Fusion’s probing functions, using the wireless probe case as an example, so you can see a lot of how it’s done at

A metal case wouldn’t be great as it’d mask the radio signal, so you’d end up with an antenna sticking out somewhere and the machined delrin cases snap on pretty positively. I’ll see if I can capture some video of it’s like for you.


Thanks David
I watched that video several years ago - i forgot the box was delrin
I use your processer and use in process probing quite a bit
I am getting tired of dealing with the wire all the time
I need to order one from you

Getting tired of the wire is the reason behind at least half of my sales. Not everyone is as keen as me on putting the probe in an ATC, but everyone loves not having to deal with the wire!

I’m glad you brought up the ATC
what thoughts do you have on the ITTP with your conversion in an ATC with flood and or High pressure mist