Tormach Cameras on the 1100MX?

Hi all,

My cameras that I ordered from Tormach just showed up but when I went install them it wasn’t clear to me what the best loactions were/are. I looked online for installlation advice but haven’t found any. How are others doing it and @tormach what was intended here?



Camera mounting is a bit of a choose your own adventure. When I put a few on my 770M I utilized the hole in the spindle casting and mounted one to the door. For the spindle mount I made a bracket and polycarb cover but that angle is awkward. The door mounted camera provides a fantastic view.

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Thanks Davie, that helps! Hey is that brass chips or wood? :slight_smile:

Sample camera angle from a well known 440

@Ashraf_Farrag funny you should send that, I’m expecting my kit from @David_Loomes today!

That said I need to look at how to duplicate that angle. One challenge with this Pathpilot camera set up is I have not figured out how to get a live view of the camera. So far I have to start and stop recording and then view it. There has to be a better way. I will probably connect my laptop to the cams and establish location then connect to PP.

I am designing a mag base for the cameras so I can move them easily, so at least that will make it easier with my commitment issues :slight_smile:

UPDATE: DHL Fails again

Worst courier company ever!

Delivery attempt could not be completed, Tracking Code: 7 8 5 xxxxxxxxx

March, 01 2024 17:17 Local time, BOSTON - Massachusetts - USA
Origin Service Area : EDINBURGH - UK
Destination Service Area : BOSTON - Massachusetts - USA

There is a live view in PP…

There is? I gotta find that!

Turn recording off. Snapshot under setup

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I will ck that out, I was thinking Snapshot meant screenshot… TY!

Works like a charm thanks @Ashraf_Farrag !

I took the ideas gotten here and created a bracket that uses a magnet to hold the camera to the enclosure. I’m using strong magnets I got off of Amazon. Here are a few pictures and a link to the magnets I used. I will also try to post the file.

Camera mount STL Tormach Camera Mount.stl (642.3 KB)


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Looks good and will probably work well given I don’t see a coolant nozzle. That’s my issue with a camera inside the 440 enclosure. Two different positions and it appears as if I will need windshield wipers on the camera lens for either to capture anything meaningful…

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I have set up a crude air knife before. It was just an air hose that I pinched flat and blew on the window where I had my camera. It was kind of annoying but it worked.


@Davie - I saw a prototype take that a step further by milling a case for their camera that had one built into it…which needs the USB dev kit or to latch off the coolant pump 110V outlet to automatically turn on an air valve…

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I created a 3D printed one than clamped onto a GoPro worked OK. I used an high flow aquarium pump to power it as the compressor air was super loud just used the AC for the coolant pump to power the compressor

That’s pretty slick. Solid work