Tormach 24R with ATC just added - How to deal with work offsets?

Still trying to get the ATC setup but i’m trying to prepare for when it’s up and running. I use Aspire Vectric to program my parts which inserts a G43 tool offset code into the machine code. Prior to the ATC when using a multiple tool program I would only output machine code for 1 tool at a time as i wasn’t sure how to do multiple tool programs. I would then get the tool offset (G43) with our ETS and then place the ETS on the workpiece to get our G54 work offset for Z. Repeat this process for the next tool and load the code. With the ATC I’ll be able to touch off all the tools at once which will be nice so i won’t have to repeat that part for the tool offset. Just not sure how to handle the work offset. Will i have to make multiple work offsets (G54, G55, G56, etc) for each tool and before the tool change somehow enter the new work offset? I’ll probably run single tool programs until i can get this figured out and just do the work offset each time i change tools. Thanks in advance for any help.

@Michael_Montano welcome to the forums!

I was informed you handled this case with our Tech Support team. I assume you discussed using Tool Offsets rather than different Work Offsets, for each tool?

@Michael_Montano and anyone else who bumps into this.
How I handle this is as follows:

  • Perform all three sections of the ETS Setup tab if you haven’t already done so.
  • Load all tools in the ATC
  • Touch off all of the tools
  • load material into the machine
  • Use the “Move & Set Work Offset” button in Work sub tab of the Offsets tab

This will allow you to use one work offset for your whole job and keep your tool offsets correlated to each other.

I was advised the same by Tormach but thanks for responding.