Tool holder for XS tech Bits

Here is easy way to organize your XS tech router bits.

tool holder
Tool holder 2

This is built on standard Select Pine that can be found at any hardware store. The Select Pine comes dimensioned at .75in X 3.5in X 6ft long. This piece is precut to 7in long.

The G-code files are:

Milling Square pockets for tool holders
Roughing pass- Bit 39163
Roughing G-code: Pocket tool (212.4 KB)

Finishing Pass - Bit 39167
Finishing G-code Finishing Tool holder (72.6 KB)

Number Engraving - Bit 39165
Engraving G-code engraving - (16.4 KB)

X0 Y0 Z0 are referenced at the Top Left of the stock with the Z stablished on the top of stock. The stock is set to dimensions, so G-code is only designed to mill out the pockets and engrave the numbers.