Tool descriptions disappeared

A while back, my PCNC1100s3’s controller blew up. By that I mean, I screwed up some configuration and had to take some steps to reinstall things. It’s now running mostly fine: if I hold ctrl-alt during boot it seems to not display the UI on the connected DVI monitor, but if I leave it alone it boots and operates the machine fine.

Except all the tool offset descriptions are blank. The offsets and diameters are there, near as I can tell, but none of the descriptions.

What’s particularly troubling is that had made backups of my PP and mill_data directories before I started with my shenanigans on the machine, and I don’t see tool descriptions anywhere there.

Does PP store tool descriptions somewhere other than tool.tbl?

Update: The data is stored in appendonly.aof (and appendonly.aof.backup). Now, does anyone know how to restore that back to the machine?

appendonly.aof is the redis database files and that is where the tool table descriptions are stored.

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Hmm. I need to restore just the .aof file, but it seems the command wants a .zip file. Can I just shut PP down and replace the .aof file?