Tool changer gearbox

The gearbox on my tool changer on my PCNC-1100 died and Tormach says it obsolete and I have to buy a whole new tool changer($6K - not going to happen).
I asked about buying a gearbox for the new version and they said they can only sell the whole tool changer.

Has anyone else run into this?

I most likely will redesign it using another gearbox but I don’t see how they can’t sell a new gearbox for a current version.

@Dale_Cleary welcome to the forums!

I totally understand your frustration, however, the legacy ATC’s were not designed by Tormach. Since the company that designed and manufactured the unit went out of business, some of the parts are very tough to come by. This is why the M style ATC was retrofitted to work on the PCNC. We still wanted to provide a solution for our long standing PCNC customers.

Sell me the gearbox for the new one and I will retrofit it.
I will redesign and make new mounts if necessary and design a shaft coupler to use the old carosel mount.

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You can get a motor gearbox combo from the M style ATC’s, but we wouldn’t be able to assist in any retro fitting efforts. The PN is 38514. Email

Thank you.
I will look into it.

I likely have one, shoot me an e-mail with pictures of the part you’re after: team AT sector67 DOT org