Tool back and front angles - Boring bars

I have set up a 1/8 endmill in a tool holder so I can machine chamfers down to, well 1/8 inch holes. Much better than a c-sink.

I have an 8L.

I am setting up the tool in the offsets page and I am struggling with front and back angles as well as the reverse tool path created by the conversational chamfer tool. Not sure why Tormach did it from left to right for any of them. I have 45 years as a general machinist and some experience with CNC, makes no sense to me.

Anyway, conversational is not an option, even with a boring bar.

So, I am using the Profile app. Have tried numerous BA: and FA: setting in both the tool list and the geometry tab in the profile page. Setting from -180 to 180 in both, nothing gives me the correct tool which then results in gouging errors.

This should be simple and it likely is.

tool 14, orientation 3, "Carbide boring ba:30 fa:45 w:.125

I have no issue writing the G-Code, but the point is not to and for my students to be able to do it.

any thoughts?

I’ll try my best to help but let me know if you understand as it might be hard to describe online. First thing I would do is grind some relief on the back side of you 1/8-inch endmill to help with clearance, won’t take much as your cutting a chamfer. I would set it up as a ID boring bar and change your tool radius to .003 on your offset page, that should take care of the tool gouging error. I’d also keep your tool clearance sat at .003. You should be okay using the ID Chamfering in Pathpilot. The profiling in Pathpilot can be tricky to get ahold of