Thread repair macro

Has anyone written a thread repair macro that will align the machine to an existing thread? I know some machines have a canned thread repair cycle you can run to repair damaged threads. The one that I have used had you enter the thread information, manually jog the tool to the start of the thread, move the tool to the end of the thread and finally position the tool in the thread groove.

On my 8L I have just been entering the thread information into pathpilot, start the threading cycle with the material not in the machine, stop the machine mid-cycle, then I put the material in the collet or chuck, manually align the thread to the tool, tighten chuck or collet and finally restart the threading cycle. Usually works but I would like something more accurate. Small threads are harder to get right, especially if they are tight tolerance.

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I’d looked into this a while ago as one of my side projects, but outside of the method you mentioned everything I read pointed towards Pathpilot needing to be able to orient the spindle so that when you position the tool in the thread you are aligned to the encoder’s index pulse when the threading cycle begins. Orienting the spindle we don’t have the ability to do on our lathes, though.

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Is there a place where the inner workings of path pilot are available? I would love to get more information on the way the machine and software actually interact.


I think my question relates to this I’m a newbie so let me know if this goes somewhere else.
I’m trying to bolt 2 plates together but unless i clamp them together and thread them at the same time the threads in the holes don’t line up and when I put the bolt in the plates actually move apart. Is there some way to align these threads without machining them at the same time. I can’t tap a m4 hole 4 inches deep.

Don’t thread the top plate. Just thread the bottom plate.

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Chasing threads on the 8L was a topic of this post. Some of the reponses may be helpful

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