Storing Passive Probe when not in use

One idea for storing the passive probe when not in use. Compatible with the Operator Console Mount.

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Link to STL for Printing

A MIDI 5-pin DIN extension cable similar to the one below will allow you to run the cabling through the Tormach stand.

SinLoon 59inch MIDI Din Extension Cable,MIDI 5-Pin DIN Male to Female

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@Charles_Shoffner this is a great solution!
I have a 770M and solved this problem with a slightly different solution. I milled a bracket to mount to an extra split collar that I had and love it. I hope to make a tree of tools up my Op Console mount using this same bracket.

If anyone would like to make one of these then I recommend starting with something like this Extra-Grip Clamping Two-Piece Shaft Collar, drill and tap 2 holes in it then machine this bracket and attach it to your Op Console. (85.1 KB)

Very nice! I like this idea a lot. well executed!

We made a little different approach at our shop, one of the guys makes/sells them:

Hello all!

I have this I have created. I currently sell this on Ebay and working on getting it on other platforms. If you contact me on my website, we can order it through that as well. It works for both BT30 and TTS. It also protects the probe, so it’s not exposed. It has a nice magnet on the back so I can put it anywhere on the cabinet or enclosure.

Thanks, and hope this helps!
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