Status Light Upgrade

Has anyone added a status light/ tower light to their machine? I have a PCNC1100 S3 and increasingly have been thinking that it would be a nice thing to have that way I can see from the other side of the shop when operator intervention is needed.

I know there are a number of ways I could get away with using the I/O module and program in some M codes to drive the light. Though would really love something that is just directly integrated into PathPilot and or the hardware to show machine status.

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@Christian_Taylor I would recommend putting in a PathPilot request ticket with the software team. We always love getting feedback and seeing requests directly from the community! Jira Service Management

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I have done exactly this on my machine.

Have a look at PathPilot Plugins ( and in particular at the link on that page to the Traffic lights plugin.

It adds a small piece of python code that can monitor what your machine is doing and can write to an I/O board to signal various events.

This is pretty much exactly what I was looking for, I’ll give it a try and will report back. Are you using the Tormach I/O module or are you using an Arduino/ relay for your lights?

I make and sell my own I/O board that’s plugin compatible with Tormach’s. Mine needs a 24V supply - that you can steal from inside the mill’s electrical cabinet, but in return you get 4 outputs of switched 24V that make it a little easier to wire than 4 relays for this application.

You should be able to find some video on the combination from this link Tormach Operators | Facebook

Not to be a wet blanket but what about a clear acrylic rod lightly sanded and bent at a 90 degree angle glued to the existing light. A light pipe if you will.