Some Quality Of Life.. Feature Requests

In File Dialog:

  • Copy & Load button. One click to do both.
  • Remember the last folder I was when I reboot machine.


  • Rectangle Probing without doing the whole perimeter dance. Ask for rough measurements of the rectangle stock and have the probe do its thing on 4 sides only. Say we have a 100x100mm stock… Enter the size in a dialog, jog the probe roughly to the center on the top, and ask how much to lower Z to probe the outside of the rect. And GO… Do some over travels and then probe + or - accordingly to get the center of the rect!
  • Protected Move. If the probe triggers by any means when not expecting it… STOP all movement to protect the probe for damage. Not only show a message… STOP the machine.

Extra Points: Router Comp… Use the probe to probe a mesh on the table and adjust Z high accordingly for defects in the flatness of the table. Good for engravings and fine details that would not suffice with a sacrificial MDF… And PCBs on the smaller router. (Not my case)

Error Messages:

  • Have the error messages appear momentarily in the screen I am without having to go to the status page.
  • Show error messages in the units the machine is configured to. If in MM show the errors (Rapid will excede X axis by NN) in the units that are set.

Convenience for MCode USB accessory owners needing coolant:

  • Have a setting to Reroute the Coolant button / MCode → to the USB accessory MCode gadget so that owners of Routers can use coolant using the USB box/relay when we don’t have a flood coolant or other coolant interface as the other CNC machines. (This will give us the button in the main screen to turn on/off and also avoid editing the post processor to fix this).

Hope this helps!
Keep up the great work!

Any idea when the next version will be released?

  • I’m curious about the scenario where your machine is not stopping when the Probe trips. Is this while jog ging, using the probing functions in pathpilot or while running gcode?

  • you can press F1 on the keyboard to pop the status page up to read the latest messages and when you let go of the key the screen goes back to what it was before.

  • we are working on the in process probing currently

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Thank you.!

When jogging the machine is when it doesn’t stop.

Are you jogging with the keyboard, Jog Shuttle, or job pendant(operator console)?

The time I noticed it was with the pendant (jog wheel). But I will try it again and understand it better. Maybe it’s already working and I thought otherwise.

The F1 key is a life saver! Thanks for that.

Can’t wait for the update with tool comp in offset.

@Francisco_Lobo if you have the operator console and jog pendant then you will see the problem you described. We are aware of this and working on a fix. Thanks for the information