Snow globe ❄️

Here is a project I’ve had in mind for awhile. All programming was done on Pathpilot. This wasn’t a very complicated project but it took some time because of all the different steps and operations.
Using the gang tooling setup helped a lot but I didn’t have much clearance on some tools and I still used the quick change tool post for parting and profiling. The Christmas tree is made from 6061 aluminum, the base is brass, and the globe is acrylic. I did use a unique flame polishing process on the globe that I used to use on duck calls. Here are a few pictures of the different parts before parting and the finished parts. Overall it turned out pretty well but I would make a few changes.


More pictures


This is great work, @Chris_Zajic. Thanks for sharing!

@Chris_Zajic do I understand correctly that you hogged out acrylic, heated it up, then spun it to expand it? If I am reading those pictures correctly then I am dually impressed.
Fantastic globes nonetheless.

Not quite. I drilled and bored the first ID dimension. Then use the torch to finish/polish the inside. It’s only spinning about 300 RPM.
I then bore the ID for the O-ring and threads then thread it.
It melts the acrylic just enough to leave a glass like finish. It does take some practice though, to long and it melts and can start bubbling.

Gotcha. That makes way more sense. Great work anyway. Those globes are friggin sweet

I agree. A very original detailed design and finished project! Well done!

Well-deserved gift project winner! I like original detailed work!