SmartCool Multicoolant for Flood Coolant and Mist coolant switching

I have a Series 3 PCNC 1100.

I have SmartCool with MultiCoolant Module to control both Flood coolant and a Fogbuster. I have not installed the Fogbuster yet and would like to know if there is any other products I need to buy to make Pathpilot switch between the Fogbuster and the Flood coolant using M-Codes?

Do I need the USB I/O module for this?



You don’t need the USB IO module, the smartcool handles switching between the two.

Thank you,

Thanks Norman. I appreciate the clarification.

I assumed I should run mist for the Fogbuster, but it uses the flood command from Fusion360, same as the SmartCool.

The standard Tormach post for Fusion may not support multi-cool. I use David Loomes post and it handles flood v mist very well. You have to make sure your post configuration is set to smart cool AND multi-cool is selected or the mist function wont work.