Setting up Tormach 1100M with Autodesk Inventor 2023

I’m new to CNC and CAM and I’m having trouble figuring out how to set up the 1100M to work with Inventor 2023. I can’t find clear instructions on how to this. How do I set up the machine definition within Inventor 2023?

I’ve found some machine definitions download on but they appear to be for SprutCAM.

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This one unfortunately we don’t have the answer on; as a general practice Tormach does not write post processors or machine definitions and I don’t believe there is anyone at the company with personal experience in Inventor either. The post processors and machine definitions we host on our website remain the IP of the provider, typically the CAM provider or a reseller, and responsibility of updating and maintaining the posts/machine definitions remains with the provider. I would suggest reaching out for assistance to a local Autodesk reseller if you have one or posting on the Autodesk forums.

In the instance of the Fusion360 machine definitions for our machines, those were created by Autodesk after they requested models and some technical info from us. You may be able to simply copy over the Fusion360 definitions to inventor, but I have no experience with machine definitions to say for sure.

@Trey_Chaffin I think at least part of the confusion might be that the post processor page you linked has Autodesk posts at the bottom but the links are in a different format and often missed.

Also,I found this article [How to install a post processor in Inventor CAM and HSMWorks] (How to install a post processor in Inventor CAM and HSMWorks | Autodesk HSM 2018 | Autodesk Knowledge Network) which links to the Fusion360 post library which tells me that they all use the same posts.

You dont need to set a machine configuration in order to program a part and make some cuts, That only really need it in order to have machine simulation enabled within the software.

Just set your WCS and Stock and you will be ready to go.

Karlo: You may find the appropriate post-processor through a 3D-Party provider such as HawkRidge. I use Solidworks CAM and have installed a Tormach PCNC 1100 Post Processor from HawkRidge to generate the .NC code.

HSM already has all the post processors need it and free for use with tormach, you can find HSM in solidworks called HSMWorks, in Inventor is called HSM inventor and also it is already built in fusion 360. So the same post processor for Fusion 360 works with HSM solidworks en HSM inventor.